LaCura Signature Facial 


Give skin a brightening boost with this antioxidant-rich facial. This results-driven luxury treatment helps to brighten, hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines in all skin types. 

50 Minutes 

$90 non-member / $75 member

Dermaplaning Facial 


Designed for skin that’s dry, dehydrated or lacking moisture, this hydrating treatment combines dermaplaning exfoliation with the nourishing benefits of botanical oils and fruit enzymes. Features dermaplaning tool.

75 Minutes 

$135 non-member / $125 member

Oxygen Brightening (O2 Lift) Facial 

Our signature oxygenating treatment is designed to boost brightness and glow in dull skin. This facial is great for dull and dehydrated skin. 

50 Minutes 

$120 non-member / $105 member

Purifying Facial 

This comprehensive treatment helps to combat all types of breakouts with the power of targeted peptides, exfoliants, and soothing botanicals. Perfect for addressing oily skin and the appearance of blemishes.

50 Minutes 

$90 non-member / $75 member

Hydrating Facial 

Restore skin’s resilience and gently sweep away impurities. With soothing aloe vera, ultra- hydrating hyaluronic acid and organic botanicals, this gentle facial is perfect to help balance, brighten and nourish all skin types.

50 Minutes 

$90 non-member / $75 member

Add On

Microdermabrasion $25

Chemical Peels $35

  • Level 1 professional peel

Red & Blue Light LED $25

Hydrogel Sheet Mask $15

Lash or Brow Tint – $25

Lash & Brow Tint – $50

Lash Lift and Tint – $75

Brow Shape & Tint – $35

Waxing Hair Removal

Brow Shaping – $25

Lip & Chin – $35 (or $15/lip & $25/chin)

Full Face – $55

Half Face – $35

(Other options available upon request)

Frequently Asked Questions

1What type of products will be used during the facial?
We use IMAGE Skincare for our facials. We have several product lines made to address different skin concerns.
2What facial should I choose?
We recommend your first facial with us being the LaCura Signature Facial. However, if you see a different facial that you are interested in, book that. Our professional estheticians will do a skin review prior to applying any products to your face and will ultimately decide what works best for your skin.
3What happens during a facial?
Our estheticians will do a skin review to assess your skin type and possible problem areas. Facials at LaCura include steam, extractions (if needed), hot towels, and a face/neck massage.


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