All Classes are Donation Based Only.
Inquire within about renting our yoga room for special classes or workshop events.

Class Descriptions

Breath & Meditation, in our healing Himalayan Salt Room - Wednesday evening, release stress and breathe deeply with a guided meditation in our healing and therapeutic salt room. Kick back in our anti-gravity chairs while Crystal Timmons guides you through this one-hour stress-releasing meditation and grounding breathwork. Regular yoga class rates apply for this particular class. (Please note, the halogenerator does not run for this session. If you would like a salt therapy session we suggest coming early before this class begins. Give us a call to schedule, 904-217-7341)

Breathe & Renew Yoga - Breathe & Renew with a blend of slow mindful movements focused around the breath awareness. Balancing and standing postures may be incorporated in the movements, long held floor postures, followed by a relaxing savasana. Great for all levels - suitable for beginners, to intermediate.

Breathe and Relieve Meditation in the Salt Room - De-stress from your day and your life. A meditation class in the Salt room taking advantage of the residual salt in the air from the day. Breathe it into the essence of your being. Guided meditations will be offered to relieve tension and to help you find your bliss. Ahhhhhh...

Qigong - Qigong originates from China and is an ancient healing system that uses subtle movements, breath work and focused intention. An other way to think of Qigong is a moving meditation. It is a wonderful centering practice for all ages and body types.

Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga - A slow and juicy Vinyasa flow practice, suitable for all levels, opens with centering the body and mind, gentle warm up movements for the spine, followed by a series of sun salutations. A great way to kick off your weekend.

Yin Yoga - Yin Yoga has its roots in Yoga Therapy. Yin is a gentle, slow passive yoga practice that massages, releases and lengthens the body’s deep connective tissue and fascia. Longer held floor poses target the spine, hips and joints, allowing for release of tension and tightness, thereby hydrating and giving the body a self-massage. Postures are linked with breath awareness and the mindfulness of staying in the present moment. Suitable for all levels.